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// Мне лень переводить обратно, извините XD

Ok. Since, apparently, I won’t be able to finish this toy VN project to learn some renpy (well, I did learn things, so it did what it supposed to do, I suppose) due to various reasons *cough* I might as well post all the text. There isn’t much of it anyway.

Basically, it’s a Cardcaptor Sakura fanfiction, or more like a prologue to it. You’ll have to use your imagination to learn what happened after that, I guess, because I haven’t written anything else ツ

Warm… It’s warm just like you are.

Warm sun and fragrance of flowers is all I perceive for quite a while.

I’ve long since decided that I cannot do that to you, but…


    [action: Open my eyes.]{prolog_eyes_open = true}

        I open my eyes and say:


            If you want to leave something behind, I am here for you.

            If you seek to reclaim what is lost, I am here for you.

            If you desire something that was not meant to be, I am here for you.

            But there will be no going back.

    [action: Leave my eyes shut.]{prolog_eyes_open = false}

        I’ve heard somewhere that there is no such thing as a coincidence in this world.

        But if you are trying to break your fate and things go your way…

        (???): Dream… chaser?

        …what is fate and what are your own actions?

        I open my eyes.

I slowly turn around to face her.

She recognizes me instantly. Obviously, I knew who she was right from the beginning.

(Sakura): T-Tomoyo-chan? You? Why do you look like this? What… happened to you?

(Tomoyo): I wasn’t strong enough. Simple as that.

Of course I cannot say it.

(Tomoyo): So, why were you chasing someone like me?

She looked lost for a moment but quickly resolved herself.

(Sakura): At this point all I can do is to go back and change everything.

I feel it. It lives. Trembling, furious, demanding. Burning like a gate of hell. Desire that is my own.

But I keep myself calm and ask:

(Tomoyo): Do you even understand what you are asking for?

(Sakura): I do.

Her voice is strong. She believes what she says.

Unfortunately for me this is not true.

(Tomoyo): I won’t give up this time. And neither will Meiling.

(Sakura): Who?

(Tomoyo): Someone who does not yet exist.

(Sakura): Yet? What do you mean?

(Tomoyo): Last time you two did it by themselves. But she isn’t as strong as you are, Sakura. Her existence burnt out.

(Sakura): I don’t really know what you are talking about, but even if I tried it before I cannot stop now. I…

She stops. I know what that means.

I feel… evil. It is a horrible “muddy” feeling. And yet this is what she wants and I cannot really say “no.”

This is what I wanted too for quite a long time now.

(Tomoyo): Are you sure about this?

Please, say “no.”

(Sakura): I am.

I’m starting it. I won’t hold back. I won’t stop. I won’t give up. I will take it back or disappear trying.

Reality is crumbling bit by bit. I close my eyes and whisper to her the last words she will hear in this world of ruin.

(Tomoyo): You can change it all but my my love for you will not fade.

(Sakura): !

The very next moment everything dissolves to pure white.


[if prolog_eyes_open == true] Another morning. Gentle and warm.

[if prolog_eyes_open == false] Maybe I should sleep some more…

Some things were supposed to be shown with pictures, but since I don’t have them, well… But you can have this timeline’s older Tomoyo:


1. Before “I’m starting it.” line there should be a hug and Tomoyo’s magical symbol should appear. This one:


2. After the last line as Tomoyo wakes up you were supposed to see that one of her eyes retained changed color as she opens her eyes. But I don’t have an art for that, unfortunately.

3. Oh, and if you happen to wonder what Sakura meant, well, Shaoran is dead in that timeline. Have a nice day. Although since the whole “let’s redo” thing is happening he is, obviously, alive in the past and that’d have been a great deal of drama for everyone involved. Not that Sakura or Tomoyo would remember that future. They don’t remember but some things did change: for Tomoyo it is her determination and power she derives from it, for Sakura – nobody really knows what exactly she changed.

That’s about it, I guess.

// “Cardcaptor Sakura” is CLAMP, I’m pretty sure everyone know that anyway.

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2017-05-13 в 14:00 

Tenno Seremel
Frozen flame
Дайри раздербанили оформление… Красота.

2018-03-23 в 02:00 

Tenno Seremel
Frozen flame
Artificial angel Tomoyo

Core: saint
Sphere: desire
Aspect: dreamer

Музыкальная тема: Plunge into hyperreality /JT Bruce/

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