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Frozen flame
What Dave Williams (our lead system designer) and I have done is expand the keyword system and introduced counters between keyword types. E.g., Water can counter Fire. Note that Boiling Spray, which does Burn damage, has the Water keyword, but it will still extinguish a persistent Fire effect. In our Fig trailer, you may notice a shot around the 2:40 mark where barrels of gunpowder next to Pallegina explode. Only a Fire effect will ignite them, causing them to explode within a few seconds, but a Water effect can counter that.

We have a reorganized Affliction system with a better set of counters to them and a redesigned Concentration/Interrupt mechanic that makes their use more deliberate and specific to combat circumstances.

All of this is to say that hard defenses and counters are, broadly speaking, more of a part of Deadfire, but those elements are spread across the classes, not concentrated among wizard spells.

Pillars of divinity: Original fire :}

Level 1 confirmed in the new backer update.

Левел дрейн, с чем всех и поздравляю :)

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